Pharmacy Wholesale Services Inc. is committed to providing
quality medical diagnostics in a competitive business
to business environment (Pharmacies,Hospitals,Care
Facilities and Government Institutions).  In these times of
ever increasing healthcare costs, we take this responsibility most seriously.  

Our firm is strategically positioned in the market place to
offer our products below the wholesale average cost (WAC).  
We strive continuously to facilitate solutions to exceed
customer expectations.  

Pharmacy Wholesale Services is the largest privately held  
wholesale medical diagnostics distributor in North America,
maintaining significant inventories far exceeding industry
levels. We employ state of the art technology to expedite

The company is the exclusive purveyor of the complete
Pharmatrue line of products globally.

Training is continually provided  to personnel in all
departments and locations to improve service levels, in our
quest for excellence.

We are pleased to provide ongoing financial support to the
following organizations. Kindly consider lending your support
as well.
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